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Wolpoff and Abramson, Mann Bracken, and Axiant

Wolpoff and Abramson were originally merged with Mann Bracken collection agency. Then Axiant collection agency bought out Mann Bracken. Axiant collection agency then filed bankruptcy in late 2009. They have since been sold to NCO Financial. This means that your accounts have been moved and transferred, paperwork has been lost. You could benefit from this. […]

Palisades Collections LLC

Have you gotten a threatening phone call or written letter demanding payment from Palisades Collections? Have you discovered bad credit from Palisades? Yes? Then keep reading and discover two of Palisades Collection dirty little secrets about how they will attempt to annihilate your credit score and try and get you to pay! Who is Palisades […]

Midland Funding LLC

Midland Funding LLC is a large collection agency. If you have been contact by them or have a negative entry on your credit report from them, it is regarding a debt collection. How Midland Funding Got Your Account This company and other collection agencies will buy old debt accounts. For example; lets say you have […]

LVNV Funding LLC

If you notice LVNV Funding on your credit report, or if you’re getting communications from them in the form of written letters or phone calls. They are contacting you trying to collect a debt. You should address this issue immediately before it causes serious damage to your credit score. LVNV Funding Is On Your Credit […]

Cavalry Portfolio Services

Cavalry Portfolio Services is a large collection agency that is know for ‘junk debt’ buying. This is when collection agencies will purchase non collectible accounts from other collection agencies. They are also known for collecting on sprint telephone accounts, retail credit cards, auto loans and much more. In other words, they could by contacting you […]

Alliance One Collection Agency

The Alliance One Collection Agency is a large group of debt collectors. They collect on debts including: financial services, public utilities, telephone providers, retailers, medical bills… In other words, the debt they are claiming you owe, can be any number of types of accounts. Protect Yourself From Alliance One 1. Request Debt Validation – this […]

How To Repair My Credit

If you have made some mistakes in the past with your finances and have some dings on your credit report then you like most people could benefit from bad credit repair. It is estimated that 25% of Americans additionally have an error on their credit report. This is one in every four people have something […]

Judgment on Credit Report

If you have a judgment on your credit report then your FICO score is in serious trouble. This is one of the worst items to have and it deserves your immediate attention. How Did This Happen? This happens when a lender or debt collector sues you. A default judgment will be awarded to the lender […]