AccountNow Prepaid Visa

The AccountNow Prepaid Visa is issued by Bancorp Bank. There is no credit check or chexsystems check, you are guaranteed approval.

Your card will act just like a chexsystems bank account because you will never be charged an overdraft fee or bounced check fee ever again! And with AccountNow you will get free direct deposit for your prepaid Visa card!

This is a major Visa card and can be used for purchases online and over the phone. It can also be used to: rent a car, buy gas at the pump, book a hotel room…

How AccountNow Prepaid Works

This is a prepaid card. First you must deposit money on your card before you can make purchases. You can use a variety of methods the most popular being direct deposit. This is free you can direct deposit your payroll check, government check, and even you tax return.

You can also deposit money at over 135,000 locations nationwide. You can use a greendot moneypak, reload it pak and a visa readylink pak which can be purchased at: Wal-Mart, Kroger, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, K-mart, 7-Eleven, Meijer…

You can also visit Western Union and MoneyGram. You money will be available instantly! And you can even use Paypal to deposit funds.

Online Bill Pay

This service is free and a great tool to use! You can send a check to anyone in your name. First you log into your account online and fill in business or individuals name you want to pay. Next the amount and the date you want the payment sent.

Next a real check is sent in your name! This will help you avoid buying money orders and even buying stamps. And its convenient, if you so choose you can pay your bills in the comfort of your underwear.

You can schedule one time payments, monthly or recurring payments (car loan, rent, cable…) and future payments up to a year in advance. You can sign up for free text and email alerts about account activity including upcoming payments.

And you can rest assured you will never be charged a bounced check fee or an overdraft fee. And because this is a prepaid card you will never go in debt!

This is a major Visa Card and will cover you under Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. In other words you money is still safe in case your card is ever lost or stolen or any unauthorized use.

It can be used world wide and all across the USA. You can use it to rent a car, rent a hotel room, buy gas at the pump, reserve airfare… It is accepted over the phone and online.

And will give you the same purchasing power as everyone else in our technology driven economy. There is no credit check and no chexsystems check you are guaranteed 100% approval!

AccountNow Benefits

  • 100% Guaranteed Approval
  • No Minimum Balance
  • No Credit Check
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No ChexSystems Verification
  • No Overdraft Fees
  • No Bounced Check Fees
  • No Interest % (APR) Fees
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • No Check Cashing Fees
  • Visa’s Zero Liability Policy
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Security of Carrying Plastic (rental car, hotel stays, online purchases)
  • Access Your Cash at Over 1 million ATM’s World Wide

How To Qualify

  • Valid US Mailing Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Valid E-mail Address

AccountNow Suggest?

Yes, we do suggest the AccountNow Gold Prepaid Visa Card. It is the best prepaid card available with free direct deposit. It also gives you free online bill pay, competitors charge up to $1.00 every time you use this.

This Visa debit card can save you on average $326.37 a year if you are paying check cashing fees and buying money orders. This is a lot of money over a year and we are confident you can find a much better way to spend $326.37 than on fees! Apply by visiting