Mango Prepaid Card

The Mango Card or Mango Money Card is a prepaid debit card. This means you first must load or deposit money on your card before you can use it to make purchases.

You can deposit money for free by using direct deposit. When you activate your card you will be sent a direct deposit form. Just fill out the information and turn your direct deposit form into your employer, benefits provider, social security… and that’s it!

You not only will have the convenience of not having to go to the bank, wait in line, and then pay a check cashing fee. But you also will have access to your money much sooner when using direct deposit on average 48 hrs earlier!

Additionally you can load money at popular retail stores nationwide these include; Wal-Mart, Kmart, CVS, 7-eleven, Rite Aid, Walgreens … And you can transfer money from a bank account free of charge.

There is no credit check. Everyone is approved provided you are compliant with the US Patriot Act. This just means your identity is real all banks must comply with this law.

There is no activation fee. In fact, the prepaid Mango Card is one of the most economical and best prepaid card with direct deposit, we have reviewed. Their fees are a meager $5 a month unless you load $500 in the previous month, then it’s free. NO FEES!

By using direct deposit many individuals could meet the $500 a month load limit and would never have to pay a monthly fee!

(The $5.00 monthly fee will be reimbursed to your account)

Mango Card Prepaid MasterCard

With your Mango Card you will be given free access to a service called YAP. This service will enable you to view your account activity from your mobile phone, in addition to your online account. You can also get free text and email alerts about account activity.

This service is safe and secure and will also provide you the ability to send and receive money! This is ideal for parents, students, elderly family members, and any loved ones in financial need.

Another great aspect of the Yap service is, if you have an emergency. For example, a loved one gets stranded 500 miles away from home.

You can send them money even if they don’t have a Mango Money Card. We all know life throws some curve-balls, and by simply having access to this easy method to send and receive money you can have peace of mind.

Your card will be accepted world wide at millions of locations. It also can be used to buy things online and over the phone. You can even use your card to; buy gas at the pump, rent a hotel room, book air travel, rent a car …

And if you use fee direct deposit and online bill pay you won’t ever have to pay for a money order or check cashing fee again.

Mango Card Suggest

Yes, we do suggest the Mango Money Prepaid Card or Mango MasterCard. It is a free prepaid debit card and in addition to free direct deposit when you sign up they are paying you a $20 bonus!

This prepaid card will give you the purchasing power a major MasterCard provides and access to all the tools a checking account would provide.  Their free monthly service or low $5 charge if you don’t load $500 on your card is hands down one of the lowest monthly fees in the industry!

Additionally we are fans of the YAP service that will provide you with access to send and receive money under any circumstance can really be a life saver.

Additionally you get free direct deposit. There is no credit check, no chexsystems check, and no bank account required. And you will never pay an overdraft fee, late fee, interest fee, or even an activation fee!