RushCard Prepaid Visa – Review

The RushCard is a prepaid Visa debit card. It was created in 2003, by Russell Simmons the popular co-founder of Def Jam record label and hip-hop pioneer.

This prepaid Visa card was created to help you avoid having to pay check cashing fees, and purchase money orders. Additionally this will provide you with the purchasing power of a Visa card.

In our technology driven economy if you don’t have a Visa or MasterCard you can’t; rent a hotel room, rent a car, make purchases online, over the phone, or even just buy gasoline at the pump!

How RushCard Works

The first step is to apply online by visiting or you can also call 1-866-RUSHCARD. You will need to provide your; name, address, social security number …

This information must be compliant with the U.S. Patriot Act. In other words it must be your real name, valid mailing address…

And chose what type of card design you want on yours, currently there are 7 designs to choose from.

Once you receive your card, you must first deposit money in your account before you use it to make purchases. You are given free access to direct deposit, this is a very convenient feature and can potentially give you access to your money quicker than physically taking your check somewhere.

The RushCards are popular choices among those looking for a prepaid debit card. Of course, we suggest that you fully educate yourself on the various options available as most cards have fees associated with them.

*The fees below were accurate as of the publishing of this website. Card issuers periodically change their terms and conditions. See advertiser’s website ( for full details.

RushCard Fees

The prepaid RushCard requires you to pay a fee just to get your reloadable debit card. This fee will vary depending upon what card design you choose. This card fee is as low as $3.95 and as high as $14.95.

It would be very wise of you to first glance at the cardholder agreement where you can find the exact amount your particular card design is going to cost you. This information is not actually located on the application screen where you choose what design you want.

Monthly Fee

This card provides you with three different card fee programs to help you choose the best fee program for your specific spending trends. This monthly fee can cost you up to $9.95 or as little as $5.95 with the use of direct deposit per month, and there is not an applicable monthly fee on the ‘pay as you go’ program.

RushCard Suggest

No, unfortunately we do not suggest the prepaid RushCard by UniRush. There are some cheaper prepaid credit cards available that will give you a FREE card with FREE activation.

We have even found some cards that will not charge you a monthly fee if you deposit _____ so much money (around $3,000) in a month or use your card so many times in a month ____ (around 30 transactions). In other words you can find a prepaid card offer and if you use your card to make purchases often enough – avoid paying ANY monthly fees!