UPside Prepaid Visa Debit Card

The Prepaid UPside Card is an excellent choice. It has specifically been designed for individuals with past financial mistakes, including a listing in Chexsystems. There is no credit check and you are guaranteed approval!

This Visa prepaid debit card will give you free direct deposit. This will save you roughly $3 on check cashing fees every time you cash a check. That may not seem like much.

But if you are paid on an every other week schedule, over the course of a year you are paying $78 in check cashing fees. ($156 if you get paid weekly & assuming you are only paying $3 in check cashing fees)

That cash is being spent just as intelligently as if you poured gasoline on it and light a match.

Instead, with the UPside Visa debit card you can use free direct deposit and keep that money. You can directly deposit; paychecks, benefits checks, tax returns, government checks, financial aid checks … Not to mention the convenience of not having to go somewhere and wait in line.

And by using free direct deposit you will typically have access to your cash up to 48 hrs earlier. And you will never pay a late fee, overdraft fee, interest fees, or even a bounced check fee! Your approval is guaranteed there is no credit check and you will get a prepaid Visa with free direct deposit!

How The UPside Card Works

The UPside Card is issued as a major Visa debit card. Your money is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. This means if your card is ever lost or stolen you will not be responsible. Instead, your money will be safe and secure!

Additionally with your Upside account you can write personal checks to pay bills (electricity, cable, rent, car payment …) or individuals. To use this simply log in online and fill in the necessary info; the person to be paid, the amount, and the date of the payment.

You can schedule one time payments, monthly payments, or future payments. A check written in your name will be mailed out. You can do all this without the inconvenience of going somewhere and waiting in line and without the expense of purchasing money orders. It works just like a bank that doesn’t use Chexsystems.

You will also be given 24/7 online access to account which will enable you to track your spending in real time. This makes managing your money much easier and convenient. And you can get free account activity alerts too!

The UPside Prepaid Visa Card is accepted at millions of locations world wide. It can be used for purchases online and over the phone. And you can use it to book hotel reservations, pay for gas at the pump, rent a car …

If you need cash you access it by either requesting ‘cash back’ at the grocery store when you make a purchase. Or you can visit any ATM with the Visa debit or Interlink logo. This is almost every single ATM machine, all the ATM’s at major banks.

UPside Prepaid Debit Card

We do suggest the Prepaid Upside Visa Card. It can save you a bundle of money on check cashing fees. Not to mention saving you an enormous amount of time waiting in lines to purchase money orders and cashing checks.

You will never pay a late fee, interest fees, over the limit fee, or overdraft fees! Your guaranteed approval and you get free direct deposit!