Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart one of the largest retailers, has begun to issue a prepaid moneycard. It is through GE Money Bank and they are partnered with the Green Dot Corporation to provide additional services.

There is no credit check. And it is accepted everywhere you see the Visa logo displayed, including internationally.

This is how it works; first you deposit money on your card and then it can be used for purchases or to pay bills.

You can deposit money by; direct deposit, directly through cash or check at a cash register, or through a green dot money pak (available online and at over 50,000 retailers).

Your card is accepted online and over the phone. Best of all your money is FDIC insured and it is protected under Visa’s zero liability policy. This means if your card is lost or stolen, your money is still protected.

Walmart MoneyCard Suggest?

Yes, we mildly suggest the WalMart MoneyCard. However we feel there are better options.

For example; when you deposit money using a Green Dot Money Pak it will cost you $4.95 (each deposit).

Additionally when you deposit money at a cash register using a check, Walmart is still going to charge you $3 to cash your check. The other drawback to this card is you have to pay upfront to even be issued the card.